Our house (rental) hasn’t had gas for a month (no hot water or stove use) and most of the wait has had to do with the city’s red-tape, and it’s finally looking like it’ll all be fixed sometime early next week. My only concern is the pipe that was inspected and expected to hold the pressure doesn’t seem to be holding the pressure, but I’m going to assume that it’s going to be fixed/dealt with before they throw the final switch and call it a day. I’m a little extra concerned as the pipe and gas meter will be right on the otherside of the wall where I’m typing this and do most of my drawing. If I’m lucky the blast will be big enough so I won’t feel a thing.

In other news, we’re going to be looking over all our finances and try to be better adults about that sort of thing. Hopefully buy our own place, hopefully in Long Beach and hopefully in a neighborhood that is less dangerous than a leaky gas pipe.

Lots of updates

Been busy working on Secret projects. Not for myself, other folks. Got to take my first stab at animation for a comedy show my friend here in L.A. is pitching to some folks. It’s nothing really super impressive by any means, but personally, for someone who has never done any animating before to suddenly be asked to do two ten second pieces was a bit horrifying, but it ended up being the most fun I’ve ever had making art, and I’m now considering taking on a daunting task of making a 5 minute short of something I’ll be writing myself. NO idea when any of that will be done as my husbandly/fatherly duties and day job and any paying projects take precedence over the funner self gratifying stuff. Also, I was asked and agreed to play bass in a band out here, so definitely looking forward to that as well.

Good times,

– -Scott

P.S. I bought an iPad Pro, and it’s awesome. Finally just uninstalled my Monoprice 19″ Interactive Pen Display from my desk. iPad Pro + Astropad + iMac = radness.