Jimmies vs Sprinkles

Boston has ill-prepared me for the world in a way that when I read anything that mentions sprinkles in any situation I immediately think of sprinkling glitter onto glue spots in art class or less commonly sometimes it’s light rain, but it’s only upon getting to the end of the sentence do I notice it makes no sense, only to realize they’re talking about jimmies. Honestly, you don’t grow up knowing that Jimmies is a fun New England word for…well, Jimmies are jimmies, we all know “sprinkles” is the actual funny word jimmies. Jimmies aren’t funny, they’re delicious.

New Blog type thing

So, since I got The Pits started over at http://www.thepitscomic.com I wanted to switch this site back to a normal blog, which I don’t think it ever has been, so that’s a nice feeling for me. Rather than make it a photography website, where there’s pressure to only post photo related stuff, or a comic site, where I can only talk about that stuff, I’m now able to just be my old weird self again.

Lots of life chanjy stuff going on for a bit. We’re moving across the country…again. Back to Old New England, and we’re very much looking forward to it. Get used to me using made up words, like chanjy. Or at least let me pretend I made them up. For all I know chanjy is sanskrit for blossomed bull anus.